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We integrate environmental management into all facets of our business, ensuring environmental risks are identified and managed to achieve positive environmental outcomes. We aim to minimise the impact on the environment in which we operate by achieving an excellent standard of environmental performance in all our business activities

Our environment policies, plans and reporting cover a range of activities from water management, to biodiversity, climate change, emissions and energy use, through to standards related to land use, rehabilitation and mine closure.

Newcrest is committed to monitoring and managing the environmental impacts of our activities to secure a sustainable environmental future for communities surrounding our sites, even after our operations cease.

Our Environment Policy commits us to:

  • Integrate environmental management into all facets of our business
  • Inform and consult with the community about Newcrest’s activities and projects
  • Manage environmental risks on a site-specific basis to achieve planned environmental outcomes
  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations as a minimum standard
  • Continually strive to improve overall environmental performance
  • Identify opportunities for the efficient use of energy and water, minimise waste and reduce the Company’s environmental footprint
  • Contribute to conservation of biodiversity and integrated approaches to land use planning
  • Rehabilitate sites or areas disturbed by company activities to comply with the applicable Environmental Management Plan
  • Report annually to shareholders and the community on Newcrest’s environmental performance.

Environmental matters are considered during all stages of our activities. Environmental and social impact assessments are undertaken as part of the feasibility process for new projects and are used as the basis for planning should the project develop into an operation. In addition, environmental due diligence is conducted as part of our mergers and acquisition process.

We recognise that our activities can impact on biodiversity values, that is why we are committed to their protection and management. We do not explore or mine in areas designated as World Heritage Sites, and for new projects we aim to achieve no net-loss of biodiversity values. Where risk assessments identify potential biodiversity impacts, we prepare Biodiversity Action Plans.

Water Stewardship
Water is a critical resource for our operations and our communities. From desert conditions to monsoonal tropics, each location has different water risks and requirements.  It is why we look beyond our boundary fence to broader catchment-level water management issues.  We publicly report our water use, and we seek to engage with stakeholders to promote efficient water use and effective catchment management to help improve water security and sanitation in the areas in which we operate.

Further information on Newcrest’s approach to sustainability can be found in our annual Sustainability Report.