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Newcrest has an open and constructive approach to community engagement and investment.

We know that our economic and social contribution is critical to maintaining Newcrest’s licence to operate and ensuring that communities see lasting benefits from Newcrest’s operations.

Newcrest’s Communities Policy outlines the principles that guide our engagement with communities and include:

  • Identify the cultural values, traditions and beliefs of the communities and to respect and respond to those values and belief systems
  • Be open and transparent in all dealings with communities and in describing and explaining potential social and environmental impacts that might occur
  • Commit to developing long term partnerships that are mutually beneficial over a life of mine time scale
  • Ensure that communities are fairly compensated for impacts and obtain a fair share in the benefits generated by a development
  • Work to apply internationally recognised principles of best practice in all fields of endeavour
  • Newcrest will at all times adhere to the laws and regulations of the country in which it is operating.

Newcrest has developed corporate Communities Standards to harmonise our approach to community relations and social objectives. The standards will ensure that individual site programs are implemented in a more consistent way across Newcrest, while continuing to draw on local knowledge and practice

Newcrest has developed community development programs at each operational site and our community relations teams are responsible for building and maintaining close relationships with the local community and relevant stakeholders.

Further information on Newcrest’s approach to community engagement can be found in our Sustainability Report.