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Grow with Newcrest

Newcrest has a number of exciting pathways for people to explore and progress their careers.  We offer a range of entry points including cadetship, apprentice, vacation and graduate programs.  In addition, people can join one of the many operator, trade or professional pathways. 


Operators are required to operate fixed plant machinery and a host of mobile equipment across our underground and open pit operations. 


Electrical and mechanical trades work on preventative and adhoc maintenance and breakdown repair on a range of fixed plant and mobile fleet equipment.

Professional and Specialist roles

Mining engineers plan and direct the various engineering aspects of extracting minerals from the earth. They prepare initial plans for the type, size, location and construction of open pit or underground mines.

Metallurgists work at mine sites in concentrators and metal recovery operations, in smelters, metal refineries, foundries, and research and development laboratories.

Environmental engineers are concerned with assessing and managing the effects of human and other activity on the natural and built environment.

Geoscientists study the nature, composition and structure of the earth to increase scientific knowledge, locate materials and minerals, and advise on the extraction of minerals, environmental protection and rehabilitation of land after mining.

Geological engineers identify and solve problems involving soil, rock and groundwater, and design structures in and below the ground, using the principles of earth science and engineering.

Health and safety professionals develop and coordinate safety and health systems and strategy in an organisation, identify hazards and assess risks to safety and health, put appropriate safety controls in place, and provide advice on accident prevention and occupational health to management and employees.

Mechanical engineers apply engineering principles in the employment of energy, machinery, equipment and materials. They design machines and mechanical installations and evaluate installed machinery, processes and products.

Electrical engineers apply scientific and engineering principles in the research, design, manufacture, operation and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment, machine systems and components.

Surveyors assemble and assess land and geographic information which is used for planning and regulation of the land, the sea and related structures. Mine Surveyors measures underground and open-cut mine workings in full detail.

Community liaison/relations professionals encourage and assist communities to engage and deal with industry, to assess their requirements and liaise with industry and governments to establish harmonious and productive relationships.

Human resource management is a strategic approach to managing people and workplace culture, encouraging employees to contribute effectively and productively to overall company direction and accomplishment of the organisation's goals and objectives.

Finance professionals analyse, report and give advice on the financial dealings of organisations and individuals, and associated compliance requirements.

Technology professionals promote and enable the transfer and commercialisation of technologies and implement various and relevant programs and projects across the business.