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Risk management

Newcrest recognises that risk is inherent in its business and that effective risk management is essential to protecting business value and securing the growth of the Company.

Accordingly, we will:

  • Consider risk when establishing the appropriate strategic direction for the Company with regard to the diverse environments in which the Company operates
  • Maintain a framework to describe how risk management is effectively implemented and integrated into Newcrest business systems and processes
  • Apply risk management techniques as an integral part of decision-making at all levels
  • Identify the potential impacts on the Company by undertaking risk assessment using approved criteria for likelihood and materiality
  • Ensure that risk control measures are designed, implemented and operated to achieve a reduced level of residual risk and that control effectiveness is verified
  • Implement processes for crisis management and business continuity planning that enable the Company to effectively respond to material risk events
  • Provide effective risk financing strategies including insurance for the management of risk