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Mining technology

Newcrest employs a range of innovative mining methods and has developed particular skills in bulk cave mining methods.

Sub-level caving at our Ridgeway mine in New South Wales (currently on care and maintenance) and at Telfer in Western Australia has produced strong results. Panel caving is used at Cadia East in New South Wales and it is anticipated that similar continuous mining systems will be applied at the Wafi-Golpu project in Papua New Guinea.

We continue to build on this expertise and are seeking to develop opportunities in joint ventures and other partnerships.

Our expertise in bulk cave mining provides a competitive advantage as the industry trend towards underground mining seems set to continue. This is particularly the case for copper-gold deposits, as giant open-pits become deeper and underground mines become larger and more cost-effective.

Newcrest’s key activities and targets in mining technology include:

  • continuous underground and pit mining with current and potential business applications at Wafi-Golpu, Cadia East, Lihir and Telfer
  • bulk pits with current and potential business applications at Lihir, Telfer and Namosi, with an objective to halve pit mining costs and adopt bulk copper pit practices as next steps.