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Temporary mine disruption at Cadia Valley

13 September 2012

Mining operations at the Ridgeway underground mine have been temporarily suspended following a failure of a section of the conveying system on Tuesday night.  Damage to the conveyor has been minimised but repairs to the damaged section, which is located at the top of the conveyor near the portal, will take up to 15 days. 

While repairs are underway, lower grade stockpile material will replace mine ore feed to the Ridgeway processing operations. Depending on repair time, the net impact to production is estimated to be about 5,000 to 10,000 ounces of gold and about 100 to 200 tonnes of copper.  Operations at the Cadia processing plant are not impacted.

There is no change to the annual production guidance for Cadia Valley or for Newcrest as a result of this disruption.

Newcrest is working towards the safe and efficient resumption of the Ridgeway conveying operations.For further information, please contact:

Investor Enquiries – North America/Europe
Steve Warner
T: +1 212 351 5064

Investor Enquiries – Australia/Asia
Kim Kerr
T:  +61 3 9522 5316

Media Enquiries
Kerrina Watson
T: +61 3 9522 5593