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Newcrest Finalises US$2.5 billion Corporate Bilateral Loan Facilities

04 September 2012

Newcrest has today finalised renewal of its unsecured bilateral bank lending facilities. The bilateral lending arrangements comprise facility agreements with 10 banks for US$250 million each, for a total amount of US$2.5 billion, over terms of three and five years.  The new bilateral lending arrangements will replace the existing bilateral lending arrangements which mature progressively from late 2012 through to early 2013. Draw down under the new bilateral lending facilities is subject to customary conditions precedent that are expected to be satisfied in the September 2012 quarter.

For further information, please contact:

Investor Enquiries – North America/Europe
Steve Warner
T: +1 212 351 5064

Investor Enquiries – Australia/Asia
Kim Kerr
T:  +61 3 9522 5316

Media Enquiries
Kerrina Watson
T: +61 3 9522 5593

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