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Helicopter accident passengers identified

09 August 2011





Formal identification of the passengers who died in a helicopter accident that occurred near Manado in Indonesia on 3 August 2011, is now complete.

The names of the passengers are:

Mr Willson Joshua Mangihuttua Sibarani Junior Geologist
Mr Dian Rimba Rudiansyah Junior Geologist
Mr Zainuddin Achmad Database System Integrator
Mr Barry George Tomlinson Mechanical Superintendent
Mr Adrian Leigh Aird Mechanical Shift Supervisor
Mr Dion William Rennie UG Electrical Foreman
Mr Roelof Johannes Roodt UG Electrical Shift Supervisor
Mr Roy Meyers Revelino Nawawi Contractor


Two Indonesian helicopter crew members also died in the accident.

Funerals have been held for the Indonesians, Willson Joshua, Dian Rimba, Zainuddin Achmad and Roy Nawawi.  Arrangements for the funerals of the two Australians, Barry Tomlinson and Adrian Aird, and the two South Africans, Dion Rennie and Roelof Roodt, are being made by their families.

The management and employees of Newcrest and Aneka Tambang, the PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals (PT NHM) shareholders, express their deepest sympathy and condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the men.

Special appreciation has been conveyed to the Indonesian search and rescue team members who located the helicopter.

PT NHM President Director, Iwan Irawan said, “We also thank the many other parties who provided assistance to PT NHM including police, emergency services teams, army, doctors, hospital staff, consular officials, local authorities, villagers and village chiefs, community groups, friends and families, employees and the many others who have worked tirelessly during this distressing period.”

“PT NHM is continuing to provide support and counseling to the families and to work with Indonesian authorities.”


A helicopter operated by PT Nyaman Air, chartered by PT NHM, a joint venture company between Newcrest Mining Limited and PT Aneka Tambang, crashed near Manado, Sulawesi Island in Indonesia in the afternoon of 3 August 2011.

The helicopter was en route from Manado to the Gosowong Mine on the nearby Indonesian island of Halmahera. There were 10 people on board the helicopter which was transporting employees and contractors to the mine and there were two helicopter crew members.


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