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Graduate program application process

The Newcrest Graduate and Vacation application process is your chance to show us that you have what it takes to be a Newcrest employee. The successful completion of every step brings you closer to becoming one of our people. Read below to find out further information about each step.

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Step 1: Apply online

Applications will only be accepted online via the Newcrest website. Complete our online application form and upload a cover letter, current CV and a copy of your academic transcript.

Step 2: Application screening

Our team will review your application to see if you're suitable for the program. This stage will take into consideration your academic results, the relevance of your tertiary qualification, your involvement in extracurricular activities including sport, other interests, memberships, community based activities or work experience, and importantly, your willingness to work in regional/remote locations.

Step 3: Psychometric assessments

If your application is successful during the screening we'll contact you about this next stage of the selection process. You will be asked to complete a number of psychometric assessments which will assess how well you meet the requirements of the Graduate or Vacation role and whether the Newcrest culture will be a good fit for you. These may consist of one or more of the following:

1. Personality assessment

2. Work readiness

3. Critical reasoning

Step 4: First round interviews

If you're successful following the occupational appraisals, you'll be invited to an interview with the Newcrest team at a capital city location. This interview will be behavioural-based which means you will be asked to provide specific examples of your experiences as a way of predicting your ability to handle the requirements of the job.

Step 5: Second round interviews

Second round interviews will be conducted at one of our operations or the proposed location of work for capital city roles. We'll make all necessary arrangements and cover the cost for your travel and accommodation if required.

A site interview will involve a comprehensive site tour and an interview with the department manager of your discipline and a site HR representative.

This stage of the process is designed to ensure that you feel as comfortable with us as we do with you. We provide opportunities for you to meet with our team and, see our working environment and facilities so you can make an assessment of whether the 'fit' is right for you.

Step 6: Job offer

If your application has been successful we'll contact you to make an offer of employment.

Your contract will be subject to successful completion of medical and police clearances. Prior to your start date you will need to provide proof of degree completion.

Contact us

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Click here for information regarding Newcrest's Privacy Statement included in our Terms and conditions.