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Company strategy

Newcrest pursues a strategy of delivering competitive shareholder returns by:

  • Optimising performance at each phase of the mining value chain within selected geographic areas (Australia, South East Asia and West Africa). This value chain spans exploration, development and the operation of low cost, long life gold and gold-copper mines.
  • Building a portfolio of gold opportunities to convert into operating mines. Opportunities to grow the business include brownfield and greenfield exploration, combined with a focus on early entry merger and acquisition prospects in known gold regions.
  • Harnessing technical expertise across a wide range of leading edge mining formats and technologies.

Corporate responsibility

At Newcrest, we see sustainability as a balance of economic, environmental and social factors.

Newcrest is focused on maintaining a safe environment for our people, operating and developing mines in line with good environmental practices and embracing a strong sense of commitment to the local communities around our operations.

Building and maintaining lasting relationships with the communities surrounding Newcrest's operations is a key component of our vision of being the Miner of Choice™.

Newcrest understands and upholds fundamental human rights, and recognises and respects the culture, values, traditions and heritage of communities in which we operate.

Newcrest believes that relationships with employees must be built on mutual trust, and with respect for the dignity and worth of each individual.

Our code of conduct, corporate governance framework and a comprehensive suite of company policies protect against illegal and inappropriate behaviours, such as fraud, bribery, corruption, discrimination and bullying.